RHR Custom Airscape

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Now available in 2 sizes!!

Fresh coffee now staying fresh longer!
Say hi to our custom RHR storage canister.
Not only is it neat and pretty, it’ll flush the air out in 2 seconds and keep it out until your next brew.

It’ll look great on your brew bar ;-)

And for every unit sold, Planetary Design donates to NGO fighting food waste and hunger.

This canister and innovative lid are sold in a soft bag without the unnecessary product box to eliminate waste! Reuse you linen bag for dry snacks!

The original Airscape® stainless steel coffee and food storage canister with patented lid actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect freshness and flavour.

Just press the lid down and actually hear the air come out with a nice whoosh sound effect. Lock the lid and Voilà!

  • Small holds 250g whole bean coffee 
  • Medium holds 500g whole bean coffee


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