This coffee is the perfect afternoon brew.
The washed Colombian brings forward a lot of sweetness like butterscotch, cooked cherries and apples.
The Colombian decaf makes the red apple acidity pop, and it feels like a baking pie.

It's a nice delicate cup with lots of fruity and sweet notes. 

Method Dose Ratio Time
Espresso 18 g 2.1:1 32-36 sec
Espresso with milk 18g 2.1:1 36-40 sec
Americano 18 g 2.1:1 30-35 sec


23 g 16:1 3:30-4:15 min

 Chemex & Batch Brew

40-60 g 16:1 5:00-5:45 min

 French Press

18-25 g 15.5:1 3:30 min steep time
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