This coffee is rich, round, full of chocolate and nuts. It’s a classic, easy to drink coffee. What makes it interesting is that, as it cools down, a hint of tropical flavour that reminds us of soursop, a green fruit with a mellow, recognizable acidity that is not too powerful, starts being noticeable.

This is a no fuss filter, and an incredibly sweet espresso that holds milk very well.

Brew Chart
Method Dose Ratio Time
Espresso 16-20 g 2.1:1 28-32 sec
Espresso with milk 16-20 g 2:1 34-36 sec
Americano 16-20 g 2.2:1 26-30 sec


18-32 g 15.5:1 3:00-3:45 min

 Chemex & Batch Brew

40-60 g 15:1 4:45-6:00 min

 French Press

18-25 g 14:1 3:45 min steep time



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