Farmers: Jesus Rodriguez, Rigoberto Garcia, Romel Urias, Arturo Rodriguez.
Exporter: Industrias Noviembre
Importer: Semilla

Our commitment to the Xinka farmers in Mataquestcuintla is only growing. We are happy to have bought 100% of the first regional blend from those four young farmers.
By guaranteeing farmers a good price and a high volume, we are changing how people usually buy coffee, resulting in more stability and tastier coffees. 

Price we paid Semilla for the landed coffee in our Montreal warehouse: 13.65CAD/kg. (not including storage fees or shipping fees for the next 6 months. This should add around 1CAD/kg)

FOB price: 10.43CAD/kg

Farmgate price: 1850 Quetzal/quintal (up from 1750 last harvest). 1 quintal being around 100kg of parchment (parchment means the green bean is still not exposed)
National price: 1100 Quetzal (down from an average of 1250 last year)

Even when local prices dip, Semilla is commited to buying coffee outside of this system, while alos not basing price on cup score: Semilla pays farmer based on their cost of production.
Producers who have invested time and money into post-harvest processing are rewarded with an elevated price to reflect that investment.
These are the smallholders we need to support, and we’re honoured to be able to do so.

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