Importer & Exporter: Qima Coffee

When you buy this coffee, you contribute to much more than a tasty brew.

Price paid by us to Qima: 193CAD/kg. An additional 15CAD/kg was paid for shipping, packaging and importing fees.

Farmers pay: 103CAD/kg.
It feels so good to see farmers, who historically have little bargaining power over the price of THEIR own coffee, get what they deserve for exceptional coffee production. 

But the auction, besides celebrating Yemeni farmers and the best coffees in the country, has a second mission: to keep investing in coffee growing region despite the civil war raging since 2014.
For Qima and the Qima foundation, investing in those regions is a way to cultivate innovation.
10% of the money generated by the auction, ~30000USD, was donated to the Qima Foundation. 
(the lot we purchased contributed just shy of 900CAD to the foundation)

After more than six years of working with thousands of farmers and hundreds of stakeholders across the world, we can say this with certainty: cultivating innovation — be it through R&D with social impact focus; agritech interventions; monitoring, evaluation and implementation of pilot projects; and strategic partnerships with industrial players, among other measures — will be the ripple that creates a wave of transformation within the industry.
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