Antipode Box

Our industry usually celebrates what is considered high end coffee. The luxurious, expensive and funky tasting beans.
This Antipode Box celebrates everything.

This combo can be separated in two sets of two.
The first one is a wild contrast between the Aljidan coffee from Yemen and our Oatmeal Breakfast offering.

The Aljidan was bought at the Best of Yemen auction for 200CAD+/kg. Pretty wild, but the farmers receive the biggest chunk and portions of the auction's proceeds go towards a foundation rebuilding remote regions because of the ongoing attacks going on for a decade now.
This coffee is a typical, expensive high scoring lot and should be celebrated.
The Oatmeal Breakfast celebrates something completely different: robusta. Specialty coffee is all about arabica, and it's rare to find tasty robusta. But with climate change affecting millions of farmers and robusta being a stronger, higher yielding plant, we love to buy from farmers who dedicate their lives to it, in this case Hacienda Legrand in Ecuador.

The second set celebrated two Colombians coffees of the same varietal: pink bourbon, or since it's not related to bourbon at all, rosado.
Both coffee are delicious and we can't get enough of them. But one is a regular coffee, and the other is decaf!

This industry is big enough for all coffees to shine, and this box, even though a small representation of coffee's diversity,  is a good example of four wildly different coffees that can all be enjoyed for different reasons.
You can view the four coffees in the box (4x100g), including brew charts and transparency reports here:
Oatmeal Breakfast
Marleny Imbachi
Pink Bourbon Decaf
Good Subscription Agency