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Marvelous Decaf

Bold and Flavorful

This organic lot coming from Oaxaca is Mountain Water Decaf. The region was battling back from difficulties with La Roya, also known as Coffee Leaf Rust. Crop to Cup is working on the field with farmers to rebuild the region, and helping them find specialty coffee buyers like us at Rabbit Hole Roasters.

We are very proud of our decaf and all the work that goes on at origin; it's a decaf that tastes just like the real thing.

Tasting notes: mayan chocolate, pecan, lemongrass


When you’re done with your amazing coffee you can repurpose our bags or simply recycle them.



Zero waste. Made from corn starch, easily re-use them as liners for your home compost bin.



Roasted locally here in Montreal by two very passionate entrepreneurs.

Varied, complex, and delicious

I've been drinking Rabbit Hole Roasters' coffee since their first test batch. Their coffees are varied, complex and delicious, and they keep getting better batch after batch. I enjoy trying beans from both their Classic and more unique Curiouser origins. It is obvious that David and Sophie care about delivering high-quality coffee, and I always look forward to my next bag of beans.


About the creator


We want the general public to be more curious while also satisfying the coffee geeks. We will not shy away from classic profiles and roasts while also offering coffees that are complex. We work with small importers that share the same values as us: to do good without embellishing the reality.

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