RHR t-shirt White

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Our new origami logo is out and about. After almost 4 years, we felt it was time for us to change our logo.

Why such a big change? Because it’s time for us to embrace and embody all the work we have been doing these last 2 year in terms of roasting and sustainable buying. We tackle important issues, we buy from the same farmers year after year, so want want our logo and brand identity to reflect those changes.

The origami logo is a reminder that we can shape our company any way we see fit, and that we can change direction when needed.

T-shirt are done is collaboration with a fantastic company called Do Better Folks that does a lot of work to promote their #dobetter values and give back in the process.
  • Classic Unisex fit 
  • 100% Super Soft Cotton
  • Printed with eco-friendly, water-based, biodegradable, yet fade-resistant inks!
  • Printed in Canada
  • This garment fits true to size, always measure for the best fit!
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